Sunday, August 26, 2018

After the Hurricane

I'm not really the patient type.  Even if it's problematic -- especially  if it's problematic, I'd just as soon wade in and get it over with.

Sitting for the last 3 days, fully prepared for the last 2 days, just waiting for an impending storm.  Well, it's been driving me crazy.

Hurricane Lane sat and stared us right in the eye -- just stalled right off the island of Oahu -- contemplating whether to come whallop us or not.

He chose not.

So after all this effort and preparation and waiting and trying not to worry the all the people who care about us (it's humbling how many were worried for us!) -- after all of that, we got nada.  Zippo.  No action.  No big winds, no big rains.   On our side of the island, we didn't even get blasted with the rain they pretty much promised us!  All those folks who DIDN'T cancel their Hawaii vaca's are lookin' pretty smart right now.

So once again, the island is spared.  We are grateful, don't get me wrong.  But it's hard to see the amount of effort and lost revenue for our island families who depend so heavily on tourist dollars.  

So this morning's beach walk was interesting.   All the Ko Olina properties are in full re-set mode.

I found a this cute little "Aloha" message at the beach, formed from little yellow pods that were blown down in the winds.

4 Seasons are fully back in business 
(these decks were completely cleared for the Hurricane).

Disney's Ahulani staff is busy re-digging their umbrella spots.  Big job!   
This beach was completely cleared for the Hurricane.

As was Marriott's beach.  They are all set to reset.

Theirs is the only lagoon that I see mucked up like this.  And I do not profess to know if it's Hurricane related or not.  I just know I've never seen it like this before.

Question of the day:   
How many Hawaiian hunks does it take to re-launch the Disney Outrigger Canoe??

This group is celebrating their annual "Reunion Abroad".  What a cool idea!!!  

They are, evidently, "Batch of '81".

But by far the best sight of the morning were a pair of Hawaiian Monk Seals that came in to rest.   This is an endangered species in Hawaii, there's only about a thousand of them left -- and they are endemic (Gbabes, that's one you can look up!) which means they are native to Hawaii and not found anywhere else in the world.  And this is why I always marvel when my path crosses theirs!  Pohaku is someone we've watched come & go from our beaches since first living here in 2010.   Some of you have seen her when visiting, I know the Grandbabes remember her from year-to-year.   She's just come from Kauai, they tell me -- she goes "home" each year to give birth.  The hopeful fella with her on the beach is Rip -- he's thinking she might be ready to get pregnant again, soon, and he's willing to volunteer for the job.     And so the cycle of life continues.   

Our Port is open for business, so hopefully those empty shelves will be restocked soon.   I see the freighters back in our Ko Olina harbor, and the dolphin & snorkel expedition boats are running in & out right on schedule, too.

Our beautiful Beach Villas have been re-set, also.
   Somewhere down there is a lounge chair that's callin' my name.   
At least until the next Hurricane / Tropical Storm / Tsunami!

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