Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spanish Potato and Onion Omelette

You have the Tomato Bread.  And you have the Seafood Paella.  Now here's the authentic Spanish Potato and Onion Omelette from "Cooking class in Barcelona".

 Of course, it's not an omelet like we think in the US.  It's basically a potato dish that can be (and is) served any time ~ breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It's served everywhere ~ Tapas bars, restaurants, tourists places, local places, family places, bistros.......Cold or hot, day or night.  It's delicious, it's hearty, it's versatile.  I can tell you right now, though, our experience is that this needs some serious salt & pepper seasoning !    

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  1. This sounds so good and I can't wait to make it! Really is so interesting reading the recipe and instructions as written and provided to you by your instructor!


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