Friday, February 5, 2016

Play Date with the Dolphins

I love the creatures of the sea.......

We are out for a day on the water with our good friends from Canada ~ today's sightings included some humpback whales, a snorkeling adventure with schools of brightly colored clown fish;  and ~ a play date with the dolphins.  

Here's something you might not know ~ these playful, fun-loving, curious creatures love to come "run with" the boat. 

If you just chug along, they will swim with and chase you, sometimes for quite some distance, all the while putting on a show ~ playing, spinning, jumping ~ 

Watching the Spinner Dolphins

And I love to listen to them breathe!  

Playing with the Spinner Dolphins

The video pretty much says it all ~ totally awesome to interact with these amazing ocean creatures!   Thanks so much, Wilf & Shirl, for another great day on the water.

And yes, I talk to them ~ 

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  1. Sounds great! Good friends, on the water, boating and dolphins!


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