Sunday, January 3, 2016

Travel Reflections

As I sit by the open window this morning, sipping my Kona coffee, listening to and watching the waves of the Pacific Ocean softly kissing the shoreline of the island of Kauai, I am struck by reflections of our last six (very short) years of travel.

As I pause to contemplate our travels to 13 (foreign) countries so far, (China would make it 14, but I can't count that one here, 'cause my life partner Mr. C was not along for that one); and 6 out of 7 Continents;  the thing that stands out to me the most, with all the peoples of the world, is not our differences, but our similarities.  

Humanity is universally the same, at heart, the world over. 

We love, we laugh, we cry; we play as children and yearn for the freedom of adulthood. We work as adults and yearn for the freedom of childhood.  We worry about our loved ones; we worry about our children; we worry about our aging parents.

We struggle to make ends meet.  We struggle to make our fortune.  We struggle to make our fortune last.

We wish the best for our children.  We wish the best for each other in retirement.  We wish the best for our aging parents.  And we start all over again by wishing the best for our Grandbabies.

While all this takes many different forms in many different places all over this Mother Earth; the basic truth remains:  

We are all, each of us, all of us, human at heart.  We are universally imperfect.  We are universally wonderful.  

We love, we laugh, we cry.  

And we all live our lives to the best of our ability.


  1. I like the way you say it! You"ve seen it around the world. Thanks for the perspective.

  2. well there you go again making me tear up . your words are always spot on!!!! that Rocha was so good---- is it Christmas yet???? love you so much, not because of your rocha, just because you're you

    1. Oh, my sweet Mary. You always warm my heart, with your smile and your loving spirit and your kind words ~

  3. Waiting for you in Uganda (East Africa)
    Alex A

  4. Lovely, totally true, reflections. Nice!
    Diana L

  5. Sipping Kona Coffee, such a treat here in the U.S., I can almost taste it....and your wonderful contemplation of life...It is a great truth that basically people all over the world are this wonderful. Fresh air and truth that comes through your thoughts to ours..Thank You
    Sherrie, this is why I love to travel with you...Blessings Deon

    1. As always, Deon, your kind words are much appreciated. "Fresh air and truth" ~ I would love that to be my writing legacy! I took your words with me as we drove around the island today, top down in the convertible, taking in the sights and smells and sounds of the island ~ fresh air and truth. I kept rolling it over in my mind. Thank you for that beautiful gift of words.


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