Friday, May 15, 2015

Photo Of The Day -- Galapagos Day 5

This is Sally.  Sally Lightfoot Crab.  

She's unique in the Galapagos, and she seems to get along with everyone ~ 

We see her hanging out with the Iguana's; 

And with the Sea Lions;  pretty much everybody likes her.

On an island where much of the wildlife has unimaginative names like Golden Iguana or Marine Iguana or Galapagos Hawk, she definitely stands out.

We were told they were named after a famous Caribbean dancer ~ I think she must have had lots of personality.   She sounds like someone I would have liked to meet.

I know I certainly enjoyed meeting her namesake, 
the Sally Lightfoot Crabs.


  1. Great shots! Such a bright colored crab!

    1. I really enjoyed these little critters. They are so colorful, it just makes you happy to see them dancing around the rocks -- and they are everywhere in the Galapagos!


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