Sunday, May 17, 2015

Go Jump Off A Cliff

For all my relatives who wished I would just go jump off a cliff, today's your happy day.  I did just that.  With a guy named Tommy, of all things.  Sometimes life is just ironic that way. 

But, oh wait.  I came back.  That might not have been the actual wish.  Oh, darn, sometimes life is just ironic that way.

We've been in Lima, Peru for a couple of days, now, wandering about, seeing the sights and enjoying the ocean walkways.

There's a point off Mira Flores Parkway that, 
because of how the incredibly steep cliffs rise up from the ocean, 
produces excellent paragliding conditions.

We watched in wonder as these guys puffed up their sails 
(reminds me of the Red-Breasted Frigate birds on the Galapagos); 
then charged off the cliff to catch the updraft and sail on the wind. 

From the first moment I saw them, 
I haven't been able to stop  thinking about it.

So today's the day!   We decide to do it!  

I'm all-in, we're going paragliding  !!! 

I go first, so Mr. C can take pictures (and hold valuables!); 
Then it's his turn.   I'm so excited I'm just giddy!  

I'm sort of looking at this blob on the ground and thinking, 

"That's it?  That's what's going to hold us up??"

The first thing I ask my pilot is how long he's been doing this.  
20 years is his answer.  
That's the right answer, by the way, and I tell him so.

Getting suited up is a trip.  
First a life jacket (in case of a water landing?!?) 

Then the sling / seat / whatever.  

I'm getting a big kick out of all this, as you can tell.

And finally, I don a safety helmet. 

I feel like a turtle as I waddle into position.

Meanwhile, Tommy is getting the parasail ready.   
There's  lots & lots of strings, none of which should be tangled in order for this mission to succeed.  I tell him to take his time.

Then he clips us together somehow.....

Tommy tells me we're going to take a few steps forward, then a few steps back (he's whipping up the sail behind us -- I would like to have it fully inflated, if you please);  then we will simply walk forward and jump off the cliff.

I will admit, I thought I'd have a rush of nervousness at that point, but, as you can tell by the  

It's simply marvelous.  
It's quiet and liberating and completely wonderful up here.

The city of Lima is spread out behind us.  We are very high.

Tommy is explaining the layout of the city to me.  We zoom over to the Marriott building, from which he can get a bit more updraft.  

This is my only moment of nervousness, I'm not crazy about the idea of crashing into a glass building that many stories high.  

Why I think that crashing into the ocean would be better, 
I really can't tell you.

Yup, that's me & Tommy.

Mr. C is next.  He's owned his own plane for years, 
so this flying thing is no big deal for him.  

But he looks like he had a good time, that's what counts.

So next time you're in Lima.........
I high recommend the paragliding @ Mira Flores Parkway.


  1. Don't think I could do it !!! Soooo scared of heights ! Good for you !
    Carol R

    1. After watching them for hours the day before, it didn't even feel scary. I have a bit of a thing with heights, too, Carol R, but they really have you strapped in so tight it didn't feel scary. And Tommy boy loves to fly, was easy to relax with him.

  2. This woman is crazy, but ya gotta love her!!!!!
    Mary C

    1. You know, Mary C, there's not much I won't try........and everybody needs somebody a little crazy in their life! I'm happy it's me in yours ~

  3. Wow. I always wanted to do that also. Good for you. What a blast !!
    Regina D

    1. Hope you get to try it someday, Regina ~ it WAS a blast!

  4. Replies
    1. Brave or a little crazy ~~ maybe a little of both!

  5. You are amazing girl!
    Janie R

    1. Well, Janie, I never want to look back and regret not having tried something ~ 'cause Lord knows I will probably never pass this way again!

  6. Oh, I believe it....Wonder Woman !!!
    Debbie M

    1. I am Wonder Woman, Debbie ~ people are usually Wondering what I'll try next!

  7. You've always held the HIGHEST goals and aspirations! Congrats! I applaud your bravery and high flying savviness!
    Gary A

    1. Thanks, Gary! I do try to live life to the fullest every day ~ because none of us knows how many days we have. I believe we should cherish life and each other!

  8. Braveheart!
    Helen P

    1. Thanks, Helen. Not sure if I'm brave or just a little silly! But it was wonderful!

  9. This is wonderful. I took your photo on Belmond
    Do you remember me ?

    1. Yes, of course I do, Larisa. We appreciated the photo's you took, they turned out very nice. I will be posting them on the travel blog soon!
      It was lovely to meet you in Peru. I hope you will come see us in the US sometime soon! And meanwhile, you should try the paragliding ~ it's so much fun!

  10. Yes! I am going to try and take a lot pf pictures.
    Keep in touch Madam.


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