Monday, May 11, 2015

Photo Of The Day -- Galapagos Day 2

Baby tortoise(s) and Pink Flamenco's.

And me in rubber boots. 

All in one day.

The Galapagos Islands are amazing.

Do you know why they're pink?  Why are some "pinker" than others?  Because they feed (pretty constantly, it was hard to catch them with their head out of the water) on "shrimp-like" critters that are pink.  The "pinker" the critters, the more color the birds take on.

Do you know why they stand on one leg?   Because they can.  
No, just kidding.  Because it helps them regulate their body temperature.  Sort of like when you or I stick a foot out from underneath the covers at night 'cause we get too hot.

Now, as for me in rubber boots, that's another story.  Stay tuned.


  1. They struck a pose for you with fluffed feathers and all! Cute and can't wait for the rare shot of you in rubber boots.


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