Friday, May 1, 2015

Otavalo Market

Photo Of The Day ~ Ecuador Day 3

Today's day trip from Quito includes a stop at South America's greatest market in Otavalo (prounounced Oh Tah' Vahlow), 
well known for it's hand crafted textiles of all kinds.

This market experience warrants some real blog time of it's own ~ but while we are busy traveling and tasting and experiencing it is my intent to try to at least post a "Photo Of The Day" that captures the essence of that day's adventure so you can follow along with us. 

The real story will follow later when I have time to write while sitting on some plane, train, or automobile.

For now, suffice it to say that the market is a feast of color for the eyes, a delight to the senses, a complete thrill of textures and brightness and loveliness.  It's totally unlike any other market we have visited around the world (and that's quite a few, by the way).  

These are indigenous people who are doing what they have been doing for centuries, skills handed down from generation to generation; weaving, embroidering, dying and making blankets and clothing from Alpaca wool; hand painting dishes and making jewelry and....well, it goes on & on.  They are completely sweet and kind and quiet; I adored meeting and interacting with them as much as I enjoyed the results of their highly skilled labors. 

This is my new friend Raphael. There's a story coming up later.......

And I'm also the proud owner of a new (hand woven) Panama hat!  
Oooops!  Better make that Montecristi hat!

You know I don't wear hats, right?!?   
But it's the equator, and you're really supposedta'.  

This one is the real deal ~ did you know that Panama hats were never made in Panama??  Nope, they are native to Ecuador. 

 There's a whole story there, too.....

But right now, our hotel is offering "High Tea".
I don't know about you, but that's not something I get to do everyday.  

Especially in Ecuador.


  1. Sherrie....I love the hat! This latest adventure you are on is incredible...loving reading and seeing about it. I have a girlfriend headed to Peru in a week and I'm passing these on to her. Also we may be going in 2016...Rudy's high school reunion(50th!) in Lima 2016....his Dad was a diplomat over there in the 60's and he went to the American School for 2 years. Also wanted to let you know your photographs come through gloriously...the colors a amazing! Keep em' coming! I'm off the our new condo in the Florida Keys...solo for 2 weeks while our master bath gets remodeled.

    1. Oh, Patti, how nice this is to hear! I have lots more to come.......hard to take the time away from the adventure while we're HAVING the adventures, but I'm attempting to hit some high spots as we go along. We're headed to the Galapagos for a week, but then we'll be in Peru for a couple weeks following that. Glad to hear the pix are coming through so well -- I'm never sure on my end, you know! Have a great couple of solo weeks in the Keys ~ we need to put that on our travel list! Thanks again for the nice note ~

    2. Cute hat! I like it!

  2. We loved all the markets we visited throughout South America. Along with a Panama hat, we brought home lots of textiles, tiles, spices from Chile, and almost the "kitchen sink"!
    Dianna L


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