Saturday, April 25, 2015

Peruvian Potatoes in Huancaina Sauce

OK, it's time to start your Peruvian Recipe file!   These recipes are provided as the menu for our stay in the Jungle Lodge.  They appear to be real gems, as they give some history and background on ingredients, how the tradition was birthed, etc.

It's kinda' cool that they give the entire week's menu, so we can look ahead to our stay (we'll be there on a Saturday & Sunday), and start now to anticipate the culinary part of our jungle adventure.

So according to the International Center of Potato (don'tcha just love that?), the Incas grew over 1,000 different kinds of potatoes.  I'm hearing from friends who have traveled here that their potatoes are nothing like ours here in North America.  I don't have any trouble believing that, since I've found that same thing to be true in other countries.   Spanish tomatoes and olives, for example,  are a whole different animal than our American-grown crops.  

I'll be sharing lunch and dinner menu's for you over the next few weeks........and soon I'll be sampling all this; then I can give you a more educated opinion and recommendations.  

If you want to skip ahead and / or download the whole batch, here's the link for that:

Jungle Lodge Recipes

For now, just "Don't gild the onions too much or it'll ruin the flavor".  

Buenas tardes!

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