Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jungle Pants?!?!

Oh, good grief, now I need Jungle Pants?!?

We are going to conclude a month in Ecuador and Peru with a couple of nights in a "Jungle Lodge" in the Amazon.  I'm thinking that I've done Ryokans and Monasteries and the like; this should be no big deal.

Then we get the email with "info you should know".  Oh, wow.

Rain Forest Expeditions -- Travel Tips

I was particularly intrigued with the following:

  • Rooms:  Use of the mosquito netting on each bed is strongly recommended to ensure your comfort and safety.  (Safety from what?  How am I supposed to sleep, now?)
  • Water: We advise you not to drink the water from the river, the lake, or any of the taps.  (I get the river, the lake, etc. But the taps?  No?  So are they just piping in the water from the river or the lake?)
  • Power:  The lodge is run mainly on propane. You can charge batteries a few hours a day in the dining rooms.  (I have lots of batteries to, phone, laptop....)
  • Communications are powered by solar energy  and there is wireless Internet available at night.  (Why just at night??)
  • Your cabana's are lit with Kerosene lamps on the walls and candles on the nightstands.  Always blow out the candles before sleeping or leaving your room.  Don't leave your candles lit when you leave the room, as the cabana's are extremely flammable. We use electric bulbs in public areas at night. (Well, it's comforting to know there's a light bulb somewhere...)
  • Phones:  Thank God we do not have a telephone in our lodge!!! (I can understand this one).
  • Laundry:  This service is only available on sunny days. (I thought this was hilarious!)
  • Use rubber boots when heading into the jungle or the gardens at night.  They reduce the risk of snake bites.  (Reduce???  Not eliminate???)  Oh.  Then I will probably not be heading into the jungle or gardens at night.
  • No smoking in the forest, or in the boats, which carry gasoline.  Okay.  (Good to know.  I think most morons know this, forest fires, explosions, etc.,  but..... I guess it's a good reminder)

  • And then there's the Jungle Pants.  I had what I thought was a fully stocked closet.......however I have no Jungle Pants.  I'm pretty sure.  Light weight, light color, elastic around the ankles (to keep the mosquito's bearing Malaria, Yellow Fever, and a myriad of other maladies from transferring up your ankle to bite-able areas on your leg); but fabric that will breathe, 'cause it's gonna' be a friggin' 85 degrees with jungle humidity.  And they also need to look good with the rubber boots (which are provided) that you need to wear to ward off the snake bites. 
Well, to be sure, I'm re-evaluating my adventurous spirit right about now....

But!   As of today, I'm the proud owner
of a brand new pair of Jungle Pants.


  1. you have more sense of adventure than I do baby. love the look of the lodging tho!!!!

    1. It's always an adventure with my Mr. C, Mary. I'm intrigued by the lodging, it's all super eco-friendly, hence no real electricity in the room (or hut, or whatever you call it!). I did check to be sure it had running water and toilets that actually flush. I'm a fan of both. Meals are included, and they already sent a menu and -- oh golly, they sent the recipes too! I'll be posting those stay tuned.


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