Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ito, Japan Day 2

Day 2 in Ito ~ Wait till you see what's for breakfast.  Oh wow.  And tonight's dinner tries to attempt the great escape.
And then the onsen ~ a hot springs bath which must be done naked, as is their custom.  It's a day filled to the brim with cultural adventure.

Actually, we are surprised at how well we slept on the floor last night, it was really quite comfortable.

Our room attendant will be serving us breakfast in our room, after they have folded up our beds and stowed them in the closet.  It's not quite like room service back home, just let me tell you.

Me, I am so just wishing for coffee.  Instead I have tea.  Lovely green tea.  I've just never developed a taste for it.   I can handle allot, if only I have my coffee first.   I'm trying to be a good sport.

But where the heck is the coffee???

And now here comes the strangest breakfast I have ever had in my life.   We start with soup.  There is always miso soup of some kind in Japan, with every single meal.   This morning it's also got mussels.

And you can always count on fish ~ at most meals it's usually raw, but at breakfast they also serve some that's cooked.  And rice. 

Always rice, and it's served at the end of the meal.  Perhaps so you can fill up on that if the seaweed and pickled and salted and dried stuff hasn't done the trick for you.

This is the "I have no earthly idea" category, also present with every single Japanese meal.  I think the stuff on the left might be some kind of pickled tofu; on the right is some dried / then rehydrated shrimp (maybe);  and in the back, well, I don't wannna' think about it.  Just a reminder, this is breakfast we're talkin' about.  Ahhh, such an adventure.  Ah, so longing for eggs &  toast.  

And then I figured out that this is eggs.  Of some sort.  Not quite what I was hoping for.

I also wonder about the washing up.  
So many little dishes every for every meal.  

Salad is served at breakfast in Japan, not at dinner.  
But at least I recognize what I'm eating.

Now we are off for more cherry blossoms and a suspension bridge. 


Today's blossoms are pink, and they, too, go on for miles.

It's a pink umbrella, a big fluffy cotton candy pink umbrella.

Regal, mysterious, and quite magical.

The destination for our 2 mile hike is the lighthouse and suspension bridge.

The bridge is interesting, but ~ 

The real beauty here is in the rugged coastline.   
It's refreshingly wild and untamed, so atypical of Japan.

And there's a kinky lighthouse to watch over the shore ~ sort of strange and modern looking  thing.  

Maybe it's the style in Japan, I really don't know.

Of course we had to climb to the top. 

Now it's time to head homewards, to our Yakata's; to mystery dinners in our rooms cooked over Japanese hot pots; to an onsen (hot springs) date; and to snuggling in our little beds on the floor, once the day is done.   

I can't wait to see what's for dinner....


  1. Beautiful pictures of the cherry blossoms and such interesting meals! Salad for breakfast and the fish plate art!! So interesting. You have such a mature palate and have tried so many interesting foods worldwide. I am intrigued by all of the fish entrees you tried! Were you craving Costco rib-eyes, or those wonderful burgers from North Shore by the time you arrived home? Beautiful. Love this.

    1. I have to admit, the sophisticated palate only took us so far in Japan. While I enjoy the adventure of new cuisines, it didn't take much time before we were longing for something more "normal" to us. Which is a strange concept, if you think about it, because many countries think the American breakfast is pretty strange ~ greasy bacon or sausage, fried eggs, omelets........I rather enjoyed the little side salads for breakfast, though.


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