Monday, February 9, 2015

The Salt of the Earth

One of my healthy habits here in Hawaii is to collect sea salt, 
right at my front door.

Mother Nature has and endless supply, it seems.  

When the conditions are just-so, 
I grab a baggy and head to the rocky shore.

Here the waves crash up onto the rocks, and wash back out to sea.  Later, as the tide ebbs out further, the little pockets that have caught the seawater start to warm up in the afternoon sun.

And as the heat of the day starts to evaporate the sea water, 
a salt-water crust forms over the tops of the little pools, 
and all the impurities fall to the bottom.  

This is natural filtration at it's finest.

It's at this point that one can carefully, oh-so-carefully 
break off the top crust of pure sea salt.

Back at home, I break it up and spread it out onto paper towels to dry.   Although it's not necessary, I will get out a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers, just to be sure there is not a grain or two of sand still remaining.   Just makes me feel better.

And then, whalah!   
I have pure sea salt, right from my very own ocean. 

It makes a wonderful gift when packaged in 
Hawaii's own little palm frond baskets.

But mostly I just love the connection with nature 
and my Hawaii home.


  1. the best way to get a natural salt, & fun to collect it

    1. You're right, Mary. There's something therapeutic about the time spent collecting it. Makes me feel very connected to nature, and my Hawaii home.

  2. Looks like fun! I bet it's perfect for use in the kitchen too!

    1. I use it in my kitchen(s) all the time, Devin. Feels much the same as using herbs you've grown yourself, or tomatoes or peppers from your garden.

  3. Oh I am so happy you blogged about this!!! I must say, this is such an amazing thing that you do! I love the salt you gave us! We save it for special occasions and really Jason only lets me touch it when he approves of what I will be using it on! Ha! Knowing that you scamper around those sharp rocks and harvest the salt is really impressive! Great article!

    1. I'm so glad to hear you love and savor (pun intended) the sea salt. Remember, there is an endless supply.......I would be happy to re-stock as needed. It's a fun thing for me, I really do enjoy the connection to my island home.


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