Friday, December 26, 2014

Manning Up in Sydney

Australia has miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches.  Today we are headed to Manly Beach, a famous resort get-a-way for Aussies.   We will take the ferry from Circular Quay across the bay to Manly, a short 30 minutes.

I have read that, in addition to the fabulous beach, there is a "comfortable" walk along the shoreline.  It's called "Manly Scenic Walkway."  It sounds pretty tame.  So even though we are dressed for a day at the beach, the lure of the unknown seduces us to take a stroll.

And we are well-rewarded for our efforts.  The path, to begin with, is a nicely paved walkway along the beach itself.  

The scenery is restful and peaceful, 
a welcome respite from the busy hubbub of the Sydney Harbor. 

We came across this salt water swimming pool.  Unusual.  Queenscliff Ocean Swimming Pool.  An interesting concept. 

Of course I had to stick my toes in the water.  You might notice the flip-flops in my hand.   Not exactly hiking shoes.  But remember, we were planning a day at the beach, not a "hike".   

 It seems that around every corner there is yet another quiet beach.

  Now the "walkway" sort of dwindles down to path ~ we are following the shoreline, so we will round that far point ~ at some point ~ and several more just like it ~

  Where we discover peaceful little coves, the sailboats all "docked" in the water, welcoming us, bobbing gently in the breeze.

 And now we start to climb.  In earnest.  Turns out the beach path is not continuous, we will climb to the seacliffs when necessary, and then return to the beach when feasible.  We will do this numerous times over the next 4 hours.   In flip-flops.   Oh brother!

Oh, but the view from the top!   It's always amazing from up here!   Manly Beach is now hidden beyond those three points ~ we have hiked for a quite a ways on our unexpected journey.   

We completed the 10K, flip-flops not withstanding.   
And it's always worth the climb to the top!  
But I would recommend walking shoes next time.......


 We catch the bus at Spit Bridge back to the beach, ('cause otherwise it's another 10K and 4 hours back); in time to catch the ferry back to Sydney.  Then it's time for a fabulous seafood dinner.  

And no, after the day we've put in, I did not feel one bit guilty!


  1. Looks like a fun day exploring! Your plate of seafood sure looks good! A nice treat after hiking to the top for the view – all in flip flops!!


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