Friday, October 24, 2014

Seafood Paella

It's Seafood Paella ~ straight from cooking class in Barcelona ~ and it should be delicious!   Just leave out the freaky organs (see post on Cooking School in Barcelona), and I think you'll love it!  


  1. How fun! It is so interesting to read the recipe and instructions they provided. Little phrases, different descriptions of the ingredients, all making it unique to those of us who have never experienced the class! Thanks for sharing this and after seeing your picture of the cuttle fish I see why you suggest leaving those creamy liquids out!

    1. Even though I am an experienced cook, I always learn something new in these classes. I also enjoy the little nuances and expressions that are unique in the translation, such as "As an advice" in this recipe. I did learn a new trick in his "tip" section, though......adding a thin layer of oil over the portion you are freezing to prevent freezer burn. Haven't tried it yet....

      The first thing I usually have to do with recipes from abroad is get out my calculator and convert everything from grams to ounces and cups ~ but here they have done it for us. It Italy's cooking class they didn't measure at all, they had a kitchen scale that everything was weighed on instead.

      And yes, I'm sort of anxious to try this again, sans the innards.


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