Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Morning Coffee in Spain

Our morning coffee in Barcelona looks like this.

Or this.

Or sometimes like this.

At the hotel in Salamanca it was served like this.  
(You added the steamed milk yourself)

And in Madrid it looks like this.


  1. Keep looking at these! They are so artistic! I bet they were wonderful! However there are days when that Starbucks is the most beautiful coffee I have ever seen! Pretty much every day. Ya.

    1. Yes, KS, it was really fun to watch them create these masterpiece's. Although some mornings I was willing to pay them to skip the artwork, 'cause I just really needed the coffee!! And, although we do our best to eat local, sometimes the ole' Starbucks is like a friend from home. The really nice thing is, Cappuccino is Cappuccino no matter what language -- Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Thai........No interpreter needed at Starbucks!!


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