Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Best Cities of the World

We had an especially wonderful holiday season this year, with Children and GrandBabies and Moms and Sisters and Sister-in-Laws all flowing in & out to celebrate with us.  Nothing changes a new "house" to a "home" more emphatically than to be stamped with the fingerprints of loved ones from far & wide.  So thank you all for that most wonderful of housewarming gifts -- the gift of sharing the holidays with us.

There were a couple of new travel books tucked under the tree this year, always a delight for me!

I have spent many hours pouring over them, remembering fondly where we've been, and dreaming about where we might next wander.
The Best Cities of the World is a compilation of 200 of the 
World's Best by Lonely Planet authors.  

But the "best" part for me was the sticky note from Mr. C that said, 
"Let's pick a city and pack our bags!"

So we're off again -- to parts and adventures unknown.

As always, I'm pleased to take you along for the ride ~~ 
Here's to a great 2018!

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  1. Yes, yes, yes!! I'm ready to read your lovely travel adventures and see those wonderful photos you add! Will there be cooking classes too? Additions to your collection of "signs"? I'm excited just anticipating the blogs in our future! Thanks!!


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