Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I Lost My Name (A Child's Christmas Gift)

Here's a great Christmas gift idea for the GBabes in your life. 

(I used to call them GBabies, but now that the oldest are both 9 years old, they object to being referred to as "babies".  So now they're Babes. No age restriction on that one, I figure).

Check out this link:  

Lost My Name Personalized Children's Book

marvelous magnificent

This is an instant, magical personalized book of a child's search for their own, very unique name.  The characters are colorful and whimsical and absolutely captivating, assisting the brave adventurer in the pursuit of recouping each letter of their name -- an awkward aardvark for "A", a unusual unicorn for "U", a bashful bear for "B", a colorful squid for "S"etc. etc. 

Also, you can add a personalized greeting to make this a keepsake of a lifetime -- like all good books are!

It's the top-selling children's book in the UK, according to their website.  

I liked that it just took minutes to create.  (All I had to do was remember how to spell their name, and say "boy" or "girl").   I liked that it was 20% off right now.  I liked that it was free shipping.  I liked that it was delivered well in time for wrapping and to spend some time under the Christmas tree.  (They will wrap for you, also, but.....I was afraid I would have to unwrap to tell which was which!)

But most of all I like the end result, which is that all 5 GBabes books are totally unique to them.  The artwork is glorious, the story line is interesting with unexpected humor, and in the end the child returns safely to their room and their very own bed, content and secure in the blanket of what is most unique to them in the whole world -- their very own special name.

Well.......after all.......we all need to live happily ever after.

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  1. You are a wonderful, wonderful Noni!


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