Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Today We Got Stoned

We are leaving London today for the port town of South Hampton, where we will board our cruise ship for the Baltic Sea.

Enroute, Mr. C has arranged a transport that will stop at Stonehenge.  I'm fascinated!

It's one of those mysteries, an anomaly, 
one that we can only guess at it's purpose or meaning.  

I guess that's why I'm fascinated.

I'm immediately struck by how remote this structure is.  It's stuck out in the middle of grasslands and farmlands, nothing around for miles & miles that might suggest where or how these massive stones came to be placed here.

It feels sacred.  

That might not be their intent, but to me they feel sacred.

They've done a nice job of allowing visitors without intruding on the space itself.  

You are required to park, whether by private transportation or tours, and then take a shuttle bus "To The Stones". 

Or you can stroll the path......which would have absolutely been our choice had we enough time.   It goes through the meadow, through the herd of cows (literally); and around and even over the "boroughs" (the green mound in the upper left); which they believe to be ancient burial grounds of some sort.  Which makes me wonder why they allow people to trod over the top.
 There's a visitor's center (of course); and nice restroom facilities (important, 'cause remember, we're out in the middle of nowhere.  Literally.)  

We see groups of school children here, come for the educational value of the mysterious ancients.

And some native visitors, too.

The audio tours tell you about the stones, about what kind and how big and how much (presumably) they might weigh,  and the fact that they're 4 or 5 thousand years old; constructed (they believe) between 3000 to 2000 BC........
everything but how come they're here.

Nobody really knows.

The circular path allows you to wander and gaze at this amazing building feat from all sides; and it's given a wide enough berth that you don't feel like you're taking photo's of the hundreds of people who are probably there along side you.

All-in-all, it's worth seeing.  It's not terribly time-consuming, 'cause it is what it is.  There's not a ton to learn, 'cause they are really just guessing (and they tell you so).  It's a mystery worth visiting.  And it's kind of nice to not always have all the answers.  Some things are worth valuing just for what they are.  Amazing.  That's my 2 cents.  Or pounds.  Or whatever.


  1. They are fascinating, so many things in this world to wonder about

  2. Another fascinating blog! I just love the colors of green in your photos!! Soaking it in!!

    Thanks for the article and great photos!


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