Thursday, May 19, 2016

Landing in London

Mr. C has done it again.

We landed in London today, after nearly 24 hours of travel;

It was a short ride from the airport 
to our lovely boutique hotel ~ The Egerton House.  

Just 28 rooms, each beautifully and uniquely appointed.  I feel like I'm staying in the guest room of a wonderful (and wealthy) friend, instead of just another (luxury) hotel.    

The roses are from my Mr. C.  He never fails to do this when we travel abroad. It's pretty special to feel this special.

We're in a beautiful old neighborhood, lots of brick and lots of green.  Lots of expensive cars -- we see Maserati's, Ferrari's, Bentley's; even a Rolls Royce.  We are amazed. 

Until Mr. C stops to look at real estate prices (as is always his habit when we travel) in this neighborhood ~ and we discover that a "flat" here sells for a mere 4.2 million ~ and for that you get an entire 1200 square feet ~ but no garage.  
Which means you have to park your Ferrari on the street. 

 No lie.

So it's no wonder that, in this neighborhood, our hotel is the kind of place that not only leaves chocolates on the pillow.....

But also leaves candle-lit chocolate covered strawberries....

And roses petals flung across the bed........................

And floating in the bathtub...................  

Heated towel bars.  Tea and crumpets waiting in the drawing room.  The drawing room with a library.  

My Mr. C ~  When it comes to romance, he's a Rock Star.

And somehow, he's scored a reservation for tonight at the #1 rated restaurant in London.  Out of 20,306 restaurants. 

That's  #1 out of twenty thousand + restaurants.
(I wanted to be sure you got that.)  

You have to make reservations weeks, if not months ahead. Yet somehow, while I'm napping off the rest of my overnight-flight sleeping pill, and a bit of my jetlag, he scores us a reservation at The Five Fields Restaurant.   For an hour from now.  I'm sure there's a blog story in there somewhere.

It's looking to be a lovely week in London.


  1. We'll call you Queen Sherrie now. You graduated from princess status. Oh this is gonna be so fun!!!

    1. Love it Mary! I sure feel like it......Mr. C is awesome ~

    2. Love it Mary! I sure feel like it......Mr. C is awesome ~

    3. Love it Mary! I sure feel like it......Mr. C is awesome ~

    4. Love it Mary! I sure feel like it......Mr. C is awesome ~

  2. Wow! I appreciate that color of green!!!

    The hotel with all the pampering!!!! And scoring reserves for you at that restaurant is just amazing!!! So happy for you!

    Can't wait to read about your adventures. I so enjoy your blog. You invite us along, make us feel like we are there and leave wanting for more!! Nice style and great photos.


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