Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Exploring Positano

It's our first day in Positano, Italy ~ a beautiful little village which clings to the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 

I can't wait to go exploring!

First, though, we start with the all-important coffee and newspapers  ~~ and breakfast with my Mr. C.    I'm in heaven.

As we start out for the day, my first observation is that the beach is rocks -- not sand.  Doesn't seem to bother the sunbathers, though. I would say I might be just a little spoiled with Hawaii beaches ............perhaps.

We start with the walking path to the left, which leads us to...

Stairs that lead down to the sea.  The Mediterranean Sea.  Wow.

Nestled in the rocks, is an old ???  I think maybe an old nightclub.  Closed now.  Sort of weird in the setting.  So I guess closed now makes sense.

Do we really want to know what time it is across the world?  If we're here in glorious Positano, why do we want to know what time it is at all???   Just a little weird.

Ahhh, but the Mediterranean calls me.......see the stairs? 

 The ones that lead down to the water??

You know that's where I'm headed.

This is what we call "Happy feet" ! 

We find a little spot on the beach for a bite of lunch, before continuing our exploration of the this seaside / cliff side town.

Yes, those are fresh mozzarella balls.  And yes, it's fresh basil.  And the tomatoes, OMG, the tomatoes........My mouth still waters at the sight of this meal; the most simple of flavors, the freshest of ingredients. 

We linger for a bit over lunch ~ why not?   

But now adventure is calling...

There's a neat little pathway that winds around the cliffside ~ we just have to go see what's around the corner.

It's just wonderful.  I'm pretty sure somebody lives up there....

These towers seem magical to me.   Look how it's just built right into the rocks.  Back in the day, it's how this coastline was fortified.  

Otherwise, how do you know if somebody's coming to attack your shoreline?

We find mysterious stairs going down to the sea ~ 

And we find mysterious gated stairs going down to the sea.


 There are arbors along the way.........(Charming, yes?!?)


Somebody must live up here @  #10.  Wow.

There's some beautiful spots along the way ~ 

And some other beautiful sights ~

He's humongous!  For a moth, I mean.....

I love these house numbers along the way ~ complete with mailbox.  And a set of stairs that leads down to the sea.  Sigh.......What a romantic place to stay..........

That's a "restaurant", way down here at the end of the path.   Hmmm....I guess you can just bridge the space between the rocks if you want......

And one final "resort" at the end of the trail.  

(I would hate to have to schlep my bags to this one! 

And one last rocky beach......Makes ya' glad for California shores, yes??

And now it's time to turn homeward.

It's been a good day here in Positano.

And there's just enough time for a little nap on the balcony before dinner......

God, I love the travel life!


  1. Bring me back a present! Something awesome like. .. a girlfriend
    Jeff P

    1. Those Italian girls can be a little hot-headed, you know, Jeff!

  2. What a perfect day!
    Joanne B

    1. For sure ~ any day with my toes in the water pretty much qualifies. Add hiking and exploring, and a nap on the balcony ~ well, that's just over the top! And "real" Italian food for dinner is still ahead.......

  3. What a beautiful rainbow at the end of your trail journey. Nice shot! Lovely to travel with you...Blessings Deon McCracken

    1. Isn't it mysterious. I'm always intrigued with what might lie ahead at the end of the path.....

  4. Those stairs to the ocean are perfect for you! I love that you are wrapped in a blanket with long jeans on napping on the balcony!
    Karen S

    1. Well you know those toes are going in the the stairs just make it so much easier! Napping on the balcony beside the Mediterranean Sea......yeah, life is good!

  5. Looks inviting!!!! The Italian guys are perfect!! I miss mine!
    Regina D


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