Monday, October 19, 2015

Island Hopping: Isola Capri

In the spirit of Island Hopping.......

We are on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, with a reputation of one the
 most beautiful coastlines in the world ~ for good reason.  

We're staying in lovely Positano ~ (tell me this is not amazing!) 
which is one of my favorite travel destinations ever.  

But that's another post.  Maybe a Top 5 Favorites???  

Anyhow.  The daily ferry, which docks (well, that's an exaggeration ~ actually, it just backs up, doesn't even tie off!) will take us to the island of Capri in just under an hour.  

We can't see a good reason to say no to that.  So off we go.

And there she is.  Isn't she beautiful???  I'm already enchanted.  

Capri is one of those places that you dream of 
when you have passport envy like I do.  

This idyllic island whispers to me of romanticism.....
It's the stuff of weekend paperback novels, yes?

And it's a destination for the rich and famous.  
I figure there must be a reason.  

I can't wait!

She's charming, all snuggled against the huge rock that acts as her protector.

When we dock, we find enchanting little streets resplendent with restaurants and Trattoria's.   I know that sometimes people complain about the "tourist" accommodations at places like this.   But honestly, where do these people think they would eat or find a restroom otherwise?  I've never understood that particular complaint from people who are actually there.......needing to eat and pee........

The first thing we do, 'cause we love the water and boating so much, is take this inviting Marina walk.

Where, among lots of wonderful watercraft, I see the biggest yacht 
 I've ever seen.  Well, we haven't gone to Portofino yet, on the Italian Riviera.......
But so far, it's the biggest yacht I've ever seen.

Aw, shucks.  
Just when we were
planning to hop aboard 
and take it for a spin.....

According to Mr. C's research, the best way to see the island is 
to hire a car and driver for the day.

He finds, and strikes a deal, with the Lime Green Convertible Guy.
I could not be more delighted!

When would I have another opportunity like this ~ 
I mean, really?!?   This car, and this guy?!?  Both are once-in-a-lifetime events ~

So we are headed around the island........which includes taking this road up the hill.......??   Yikes!

Ahhh, but at the top are the ruins of the lovely Villa Damecuta ~ one of the twelve Imperial Temples built by the Emperor Tiberius on the island of Capri.  

Wow, doesn't that sound fancy?!

In reality, it's a peaceful, quiet spot.

You can see the foundations, still of what was once 
                                     (most likely) a spectacular temple.


And this cool outlook, which faces out toward the Bay of Naples.

They think that the Villa was deserted when Mt. Vesuvius erupted (79 AD).  This watchtower was built later, sometime during the Middle Ages.  It's got a very cool vibe.

What an amazing legacy ~"A radiant symbol of perfect humanity."

The view is from the top is ~ well, what would you call it? 

The rich and famous, I'm guessing.  I want an invite to that pool party! 

Capri is also known for it's chic, high-end shopping ~ it's not what I do when I travel, but for some it's a necessity.  I don't happen to know any of those people, however. 

Lots of designer boutiques, luxury hotels, fancy restaurants, and expensive bars await those who are looking for such.

One can take the tram up the hill to the village itself.

Or you can take the stairs.  While the main avenues are (always) crowded with tourists ~ 

~ It's always possible to find a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle.

And matter how fancy (or expensive!) your hotel, you still get to haul your luggage by hand ~ 'cause there's no cars or other vehicles allowed here.  The foot- traffic-only-policy definitely adds to the charm.  Unless you're schleppin' your own bag.

Our last vista of the day is Belvedere dei Filosofi on Via Migliera ~ where the famous Faraglioni rocks ~ loosely translated "The ones of the light"  are keeping vigil, just off-shore, as they have for centuries.

We stop for a little bite before leaving this lovely island.  Yup.  It's one of those "tourist traps".   We are grateful.

I can't get over how good a simple sandwich can be here in Italy.  The bread is baked fresh; the meats and cheeses are aged perfectly and sliced fresh. Sometimes simple is best.

Now, sadly, we must join the other "Day Trippers" to catch our ferry back to Positano.

Taking care of the "Danger to fall in the sea" as we do so.

Good-bye, charming Capri ~ I've had the most wonderful day here!

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