Tuesday, April 14, 2015

City With An Old Soul ~ Prague, Czech Republic

We are starting our Eastern Europe trip with a week in Prague.  I'm not really sure what to expect, but I'm fully engaged from the moment we land and we're being offered grilled sausage (that's crispy grilled sausage) with a pretzel.  

For breakfast. 

It's a bargain, though, at 185 Crown.......a little over $7 US.

Prague is a wonderful city to explore on foot.  I don't think we rented a cab the entire time we were here, other than transport to & from the airport.  We walked the cobblestone sidewalks, and we walked the cobblestone streets, and then we walked and walked and walked some more.   

It's a city with an old soul.  There are modern sections, of course, but the ancient heart of the city is still beating at it's center in Old Town.

We are staying at the Golden Well Hotel, tucked away down this cobblestone alleyway, which is inaccessible to taxi's; through the cool door at the end (I just love these cool doors!) ~ meaning we must schlep our bags the last few yards.  

Small price to pay for this:

This is what's on the other side of that door.   It's  an ancient building which has been fully restored to modern comforts (including heated flooring!), but has, magically (and through good designer skills) still retained all it's olden times charms.  How does my Mr. C find these little gems?!?

It sits snuggled into the side of the hill that boasts the Prague Castle at it's peak; and, from it's rooftop, I am immediately charmed by the red roof tiles that spread out before me.  

It's the kind of place that offers you a welcome drink and delicacies upon arrival.   

On the rooftop terrace.   

With this view.
Yes, I think I'm gonna' like it here.  

It's the kind of place that offers you a cheese platter and fruit tray and complimentary bottle of wine as a greeting.
(The flowers ~ those would be from my Mr. C.)

It's just totally charming.   As is all of Prague.......

The Charles Bridge, which spans the Vltava River, is quite famous; and it's thronged with visitors, even in this, the "off" season for tourism.  
The city is quite photogenic, with it's reds and golds. That's the unimposing castle at the top of the hill; with St. Vitus Cathedral, in true European fashion, enclosed within the castle walls. 

At the end of the bridge, and at the entrance to "Old  Town", we had to pause to climb the Bridge Tower.   Just because it's there.

Blackened from years of weather and stones worn by the passing of time, it still stands proud, and the view from the top is well worth the climb ~  just 138 steps to the top.  

It's called "One of the most impressive Gothic gateways in the world."  I didn't know that at the time~ I just thought it was cool.

Intricate stained glass windows have survived the test of time.


The chamber at the top was used as a prison for debtors from "better-suited families" (whatever that means);  Looks pretty fancy.  
But then, being locked in a room against your will is still prison, I guess, no matter how nice the room or how great the view. 

Hence the huge heavy metal door with the sliding locks.......
I have a thing for European doors.

You can duck under the support beams and make your way out  onto the rampart, 
if you like.  (We liked).

From here the views and the photos are amazing in any direction.

She's photographs beautifully from any angle, Ms. Prague does. 

A talent I wished I could say I possessed.

 There's a guest book to leave your name and date of visit ~ so check us out if you're there......Interesting to see how many countries and languages are represented here.

Now it's time to head under the historic gateway into "Old Town".  

Where who knows what adventures await us?

But first it might be time for a little lunch. 
 Perhaps a little Roast Knee?

Or maybe we'll hit the local Starbucks.  
'Cause I just love those doors.


  1. Love the pictures & commentary. No thanks on the "knee" . . . Yes to Starbucks! Keep traveling!
    Dianna L

  2. Actually, the "knee" was a recurring theme in Prague.......and when I finally succumbed to satisfy my curiosity, I was pleasantly surprised! More on that later, though.....


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