Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Breakfast In London

It's now Wednesday morning (we left home on Monday night), and we've been on the road for more hours than I care to count.

(See the complete story entitled "The long road to Vegas")

Breakfast in London ~ has to be the Classic English Breakfast ~ what else?

Although I'd love a 'rasher' of black bacon, maybe some Lancashire black pudding (no idea); hate to miss out on the Cumberland sausage (also no idea).   I might wish I had the 'rounds of toast' instead of just toast.  Certainly not interested in the 'wholemeal' toast, though. I've never thought of toast as a whole meal.

Otherwise, the gigantic pot pies looked amazing.  Anything from "Ye Olde Pie Shoppe" has to be fabulous, am I right?!?

Although I do hate to miss out on the opportunity to have a 'Toad in the Hole'.  Onion gravy just sounds so delightful for breakfast.  Or ham & eggs with fries.  Wow.  And I've never had mac n' cheese with peas & spinach.  Ewwwh.  

Or beefy mac n cheese???

But you never know when you'll ever pass this way again.......

And there's Mr. C's classic choice, fish & chips.  

Complete with smashed peas.  For breakfast.  

Well, to be fair, we have no earthly idea what time our body clocks are registering at the moment. 
We have not slept in something like 36 hours, so........

We're just thankful to have something to eat.  Anything at all.  
Anything that's not airplane food.

But a pillow ~ oh, a pillow would be even better.  
Preferably on a bed.  That I could lie down on.  And stretch out.  And dive into an endless sleep.  For hours.  Days, maybe.

Oh dear God, what I would give for a pillow.   On a bed.  
I would definitely trade my smashed peas.


  1. Foods are so interesting in your articles! I appreciate your photos too. Such an interesting meal and it is great that you captured the menu selections. So fun to see how people in other countries eat! So cute about the pillow and the smashed peas!

  2. At least they put the mushy peas in a pan. When i was there they poured them over my fries. It was horrible and the worst part is I was starving.


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