Friday, February 20, 2015

Blue Sky / Blue Water

Have you ever noticed that when the sky is blue, the water is too?

On our 'day off ' from the gym or running the beach, we take a short (4 mile) walk down the coastline, following the old rail tracks of the Hawaiian RR company, ending up at 'Electric Beach'.

It's beautifully pristine.

Rugged rocks and vast sea meet here.

On days like this the water is so blue it almost hurts.

I am always intrigued to see the difference in the sea when it's overcast.  It turns sort of gray, reflecting the gray clouds.

It occurs to me that we have this same talent ~ when we are cloudy, it projects or reflects onto those we come in contact with each day.

And likewise, when we are sunny, we reflect that too. 

What a simple gift it is, to make someone's day brighter.

I hope to bring sunshine, (and thus, blue skies / blue water) 
not clouds, to your life!


  1. I love it that you share your journeys with us and allow us to see the world through your wonderful eyes. I watch for each passport envy you send. I cannot wait for each one I receive. I know all of your friends in Fresno miss you and love you. You are a special and blessed lady who shares such wonderful energy! Blessings to you from Deon McCracken your Waiora friend.

    1. I'm so pleased to hear this, Deon. The comments mean allot to me, and help me to know what's valuable to share with others. While my readership might be in the hundreds for any single article, I'm never sure who these readers really are without their comments. Thank you so much for making the effort to let me know you are enjoying the journey......and there is much more to come! Blessings to you, too.....

  2. I love the color of the blue water and the blue ocean! Great way to share this! I love the cove photo! A good reminder of how we can brighten someone’s day. Thank you!

    1. Nothing better than the sun and the water ~ and it's so easy to be the bright spot in someone's day ~


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