Monday, November 17, 2014

Little Passports

I ordered a Little Passport Program for our two oldest grandbabies on their 7th birthday.

We travel extensively, and we enjoy sharing those travels with the little ones by putting stickers on a world map of where we'll be, and then sending them postcards from those spots.

I was looking for something that tied in to our travels, and this program caught my eye for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I liked that it is a birthday gift that comes monthly.  The gift that keeps on giving kind of concept.

Secondly, they are at the age that they love to get stuff in the mail.  This travel program takes them to a new country (in the World Edition) or a different state (in the US Edition) each month, and the package arrives in their mailbox.   Something from us for them to look forward to even in our absence.

Thirdly, it is multi-faceted.  Each month they get something in the mail; they are supplied with hands-on activities; and there is a segment for them to complete on the computer.

So the first month they get their "travel kit" which includes a world (or US) wall map and their passport.  

Each month thereafter, for each new country, there's letters from Sam & Sofia their new "pen pals"; activity sheets, stickers for the map and their passport, souvenirs from that country; there's craft ideas for them to construct, something that's "hands-on"; and there's an online segment dealing with that piece of geography.

I have been very pleased with how much the boys have enjoyed their program.  It's lots of fun to discuss the different countries with them, especially if it's somewhere we've been, and we've had great conversations with them about what they're learning.  It's a delight to show up, for example, and find all the origami figures on his desk that he made from the Japan chapter; or have him bring the mummy that he "excavated" in the Egypt chapter to show me (quite proudly, I might add).  We have the added benefit of the 2 boys having this program in common, so they can discuss and relate to each other about what they're learning.

So if you're looking for a creative Christmas gift for the little ones in your life, something that is a little outside the norm, and way above the "junk" trendy stuff, I can highly recommend this program.  

And PS:  No, I am not being paid for this endorsement.  It's simply called "paying it forward".

And likewise, if you have discovered some other travel gifts for kids, please them share with us!



  1. This is a great tip! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Check it out, it's been really great for the grandbabies. They are the best endorsement!

  2. That is amazing!!! You are so great with the kids..

    1. It's been so much fun, JR, to see how they've enjoyed it month after month. You're never sure when you order something online, but it has turned out to be pretty great!

  3. Such a fun way for you Grandkids to be involved with travel and your trips. Plus tweak their interest in geography and history!

    1. I think it helps geography come alive for them, KS, especially when they have seen pictures of us in some of those places. It's a well-done program, and the grandbabies are at that age (the oldest boys are 7) where they are just sponges, soaking up whatever you put in front of them. Mr. C & I have talked about doing a US motor home tour someday; if we do that I think I'll switch their world program to the US version so they can follow along. It was a happy find for me!


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