Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spectacular Seattle

Seattle is spectacular in summer.   The city hums with originality and activity.   The air has that little hint of the ocean in it's breeze. The greens are vibrant, the blue is too. People are happy.  After all, it's not raining at the moment. I think that's a sight-seeing helicopter hovering about the city's iconic Space Needle.      

Start off with lunch at one of Seattle's cool little bistro's.  There are many to choose from. We landed at "The Whale Wins" (still don't know what the name means, even after checking out their website post-trip ~ I would be most happy to be educated, should you, as a reader, know more than I do!).  It's a really neat little open-air, fire-roasted veggies (but not totally vegetarian) kind of place.  I loved that the waitress started off by telling us the dishes are meant to be shared, and recommending how many we might want or need.  Our food was excellent.  Different.  (I loved the Trip Advisor review that said, "This is not a menu for the faint of heart!)  It' fresh ~ and thus, refreshing.  

Our light lunch included three dishes for the two of us ~ Roasted carrot salad with fennel & Harissa (spicy!); Fresh roasted Hama Hama clams from the bay (with fresh dill, Serrano, ham, fennel, & brown butter & cream -- yeah, it was awesome!); and beef tartar with Oregon bing cherries. All highly recommended.  All washed down with a great Rose.   Sorry, my food pictures did not come out!  But  these did......

Personally, I love seeing all the fresh food displayed (Having spent time in Europe, this is definitely the norm in other parts of the world.)   These are ginormous meringue desserts filled with roasted pistachio nuts.   And look at all the wood so neatly stacked, just hangin' out till it gets the opportunity to become the fire in "fire roasted".   

Waitress was wonderful, food was better, and we enjoyed their nice patio
See my full Trip Advisor review on this great little Seattle Bistro ~

Next, a little time spent @ Seattle Center. The grass is green, the fountains are welcoming little ones to play in the water, and there's even a local piano that beckons to  budding musicians.....

I love that Mt. Rainier is painted on the music stand......

Don't miss the Chihuly Glass and Garden Exhibit, it's right at the base of the Space Needle. Both the blown glass and the creative displays are amazing.   

I would love to have a ceiling like this in my house!

And then you head outside, where the blown glass has taken on
the aspects of a real garden.......Really, it's quite unique.

Finish off the day with dinner at Rock Creek Seafood & Grill ~ It's the new "hot spot" in Fremont.  The food is as spectacular as the day in Seattle has been.  It is creative (some would say "thoughtful"), with interesting (unusual) combinations and accents that make each dish a delightful surprise.  Their menu is constantly changing to accommodate the fresh local ingredients that are in season, so I never know what wonderful new thing to expect.  

This is Hawaiian Hamachi Crudo with red onion, cilantro and fennel;  served with Walla Walla onion vinaigrette and roasted pistachio nuts ~ oh my!   Bright, clean, and flavorful.  

And this was heaven!  Neah Bay Black Cod with carmelized shallots, sherry, lime, fresh basil and Provencal herbs.  Melts in your mouth!   And so much flavor!   

Rose is the summer drink in Seattle, I am told by my expert guide for the day (my son who is celebrating his one-year anniversary of living in this spectacular city).  Not my usual, but, hey!   I kinda' get the point.  It's light, it's refreshing, it partners really well with the local seafood.   All-in-all, we had a fabulous day!   

So till the next time, good-bye Spectacular Seattle!   Hope to see you again very soon!


  1. Great article on Seattle! Photos make me want to visit this city after not being there for many, many years! The pics of the food are an invitation to go to those restaurants and order that very item so I can taste what your words describe so well that I am craving them! Isnt it lovely with blue sky! Changes the look and feel of the city. I would think maybe the locals even take on the feel of a "vaca" day! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The food photos look great! I sure want to plan a trip there - you scored on the weather too! Your guide helped you fit a lot in your travel days there! Nice article!


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